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Shifting from Conventional

to Digital with Street Smart 360

Switching from a traditional pen and paper system to our digital solution is akin to switching from a basic manual typewriter to a cutting-edge computer. It’s a step towards the future, where productivity, ease of use, and flexibility are paramount, offering a smooth and limitless transformation for your business processes.

Use Parking Management as Your Main Priority,

Not Dealing with Mountains of Paperwork


A highly developed system for reserving and securing digital meters

Created for use by local governments and parking managers, this system allows for the creation of various reservation types, tracking of available parking spaces, and simplification of temporary curbside holds or lockouts.

Check Out Our Incredible

Digital Parking Permit Features

Find out how our superior parking permit system and reliable platform can enhance your business.

Streamline Your Permits: Traditional permits and paperwork are a thing of the past. Embrace the digital age and manage all your permits online from start to finish.

Customize Your Permits: Create the perfect permit for your needs, whether it's for ongoing use or a one-time event. You also have the flexibility to choose the duration of your permits.

Effortless Management: Approvals, renewals, and waitlists are made easy with our platform. You can handle everything with ease.

Hassle-Free Transition: We make it simple to transfer your existing permit holders to our system without any extra work on your end.

Stay in the Loop: Your permit holders will always be up-to-date with email notifications for receipts, expiration reminders, and renewal notifications.

Types of Permits

Streamline Home Eligibility: Our system will verify your address automatically, eliminating the need for manual checks and individual approvals.

Targeted Permit Issuance: Permits will only be issued for designated addresses, ensuring accuracy and appropriateness.

Effortless Guest and Visitor Management: Keep track of all guest and visitor permits in a central location, without the hassle of printing or mailing multiple permits.

Streamline Your Permit Process: Equip your permit team with efficient tools for optimal operations.

Comprehensive Permit Reports: Easily access a central hub for all permit reports, including approval status, applicant information, and waitlist management.

Effortless Waitlist Management: Our flexible waitlist system automatically extends customizable offer expiration dates.

Quick Approval System: Utilize our universal approval queue with advanced search and filters to promptly evaluate and approve user applications.

Insights from Data-Driven Reporting: Utilize reports and data analysis on finances, inventory, usage trends, and waitlist statuses for informed decision-making.

Seamless Permit Management: Issue and renew permits in person or through mail, and effortlessly track payments for comprehensive reports.

Personalized Portal

Impress Your Clients: Create a virtual hub that reflects your brand's identity and leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

Protected, Convenient Permissions: Maintain security and convenience with a portal adorned with your city's branding. Effortlessly apply for and pay for permits at any time, any place.

Tailored Management: Have complete control over what actions permit holders are able to modify online. Customize the interface to align with your specific requirements.

Convenient FAQs: Add customized FAQs directly onto the portal to provide easy access to information about your services and regulations for permit holders.

Swift, Seamless, and Secure Transaction Processing

Improve Inflow of Funds and Reduce Costs

“Join Forces with the Experts in Payment Processing!

Our payment system works seamlessly with our all-in-one mobility platform, just like the perfect combination of peanut butter and jelly. Thanks to our strong partnerships with trusted providers, handling payments is a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated daily reconciliation and hello to easier management of both credit and debit card earnings.

Here’s why our partnership is a game-changer:

Effortless Transactions: Say goodbye to headaches and complicated processes.

Maximize Profits: Our competitive processing fees mean more money in your pocket.

Streamlined System: With no need for third-party gateways or processors, you can simplify your operations and minimize potential issues.”

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